Jessica Charlie | About
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Owner and Founder of Luxury Hair Bar Jessica Dwyer is an ambitious multi-talented visionary woman with a deep passion for rebuilding, restoring, and reviving the confidence of women through beauty and hair. Bloomfield High School graduate and Briarwood College Alum where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Jessica worked with the Homeless, and mental health community as well as felons before embarking upon her new found passion of doing hair. Having remarkable success, Jessica found love and deep admiration for beauty and hair services. Through-out her navigation of volunteering her passion and talents for cosmetology developed. Inspired, she excelled and graduated cosmetology school surpassing another milestone all while serving as a proud mother of one and freelancer to beauty and hair. Today, entrepreneur, visionary, selfless mother and heart with the determination of a lioness, Jessica welcomes you to Luxury Hair Bar. Where she or one of her creative team members will help, you redefine the luxuriant side of you!